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2021- ongoing


An interactive performance at the intersection between action research, installation and cuisine.

In one room, the spectators become members of an ephemeral community that simulates on a small scale the functioning of a real community. With the help of a recipe book, several ingredients and an installation made of golden eggshells, the new community embarks on a mission to accomplish 3 tasks:
cooking eggs, eating together and taking care of their common. The whole performance is punctuated by questions and reflections on what it means for us to be part of a community, and the rituals that strengthen our sense of belonging.

The title the extinction of dinosaures refers to the complex relationship between humans and the rest of the planet, starting with the food we eat - for example, chicken eggs.
The dinosaurs have gone extinct. What if chickens - their most direct descendants - go extinct? Will we go extinct too? What tools do we have against
our own extinction, but more importantly, what tools do we have to make our presence on earth less unbearable for others, and and thus our extinction less desirable?
It is certain that, whatever strategies our species puts in place to ensure its own survival, none of them will be effective unless we first learn to take care of our communities.


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Performance at Hectolitre

Performance at Hectolitre

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