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Un abbraccio, Mariuccia


Can Serrat art residency, Catalunia, August 2019

MEMORIA FAKE is the fake memoir of my grandmother, an Italian woman growing up between WW II and the liberation, a text that plays at the intersection between memory, truth and fiction. Also, a narrative essay on the female condition in Italy during WW II.


MEMORIA FAKE plunges the reader into someone else's memory. The form of an hand-bound booklet that needs to be undone and recomposed in order to be read simulates memory itself, a place where facts that really happened mix with reveries, where a story begins and ends in a different one, where we have to come to terms with the fact that will never know what really happened, but ultimately it doesn't matter.


Drypoint incision from a family's archive photo, Can Serrat, August 2019.

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