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A feminist, itinerant collective organising fun and accessible activities
that bring communities together in a playful, non-judgemental way.


An interactive porn storytelling project where we invite people to reflect, explore and have fun with fantasies and desire during the pandemic.

"... this is the perfect time to explore our sexual fantasies, desires and kinks.. And what better use of our time than sharing them with other people, and - who knows - getting inspired (read: hornier than before) while listening to their dirty quarantine fantasies?

Here is what we're thinking: tell your little porn story for someone you don’t know, and get one in return!

It can be inspired to anything: a past experience, a kink that you’d like to try, or just the inevitable result of having seen loads of bad porn and having thought “this plot makes not sense, I could totally write a much better one!”


Performance at Le Cabaret astral cosmique, Le Tipi,

Bruxelles, February 2020


Participants enter in a magical, dark room, where a priestess will show them a series of objects and ask them to pick one.
The priestess will then ask a question. Objects will become priestess devices for the participant’s answer.
After having listened to the answer, the priestess will gift the participant with a hand-drawn tarot card which will have specially been made for them, and that can guide them in their own quest.

tarot tipi.jpg
tarot perfor.jpg


Project funded by the European Youth Foundation

Hysterical conversations is womxn talking with other womxn about womxn's stuff.

The conversations are usually initiated by a prompt question that invites participants to reflect on a moment in their life where they had felt heavily influenced by their gender, and how this moment could have been different/better.

Hysterical Conversations opens a space for womxn from all walks of life – who already know each other or not, who identify as feminists or not – to talk about anything that is important to them, without shame or fear of judgement, without the pressure of the male gaze.

These conversations are then anonymously uploaded onto an online archive, so to give the opportunity to anyone who is interested to listen to how we really talk when there's no men around.



Workshop at Hectolitre, December 2019

The workshop explores co-creative writing through collaborative stream of consciousness. In small groups of 2 or 3 people participants co-write on big rolls of paper. No words allowed, just writing in response to the other person's inputs. This practice also invites people who write in different languages to write together, thus composing a multilingual piece. Through original sound compositions that are played during the writing process, the workshop also explores how soud contaminates our consciousness, and therefore our collaborative writing. OuLiPo's inspired contraints are also proposed, we keep working and transforming the texts, away from authorship and toward togetherness.

Examples of constraints emerged during the first workshop:
- from the bit of text x, write an instruction manual for a washing machine.
- rewrite the text x 5 times, each time changing all the verbs.



We Art XL Festival, Brussels 2019

An interactive, human-operated installation, which can be thought of as a hybrid between a confessional and a photobooth.

A human-listening device that invites its users to enjoy a private moment in a public space. The machine triggers the user’s fantasy by inviting them to perform an act of intimate storytelling. This act is then rewarded with a personalised restitution of what they have orally shared.


How does it work?

1. The user enters, sits, and activates it by inserting a coin.

2. The machine asks a question, sets a timer (roughly 2 minutes) and invites the user to talk.

3. At the end of the 2 minutes, the machine informs the user that their answer is being processed.

4. After a short delay, the user receives a handmade postcard where their story has been re-elaborated in form of drawing and/or flash poem.

The machine interacts with the user (it asks and answers questions), but it does not speak. All communication happens through written notes.


The machine is very versatile as it can ask questions related to memory (Mémoirematon), sex (Pornomatik) or any other topic!

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